How Much Are Speeding Tickets?

The cost of a speeding ticket varies based on the offense and the region where the traffic violation took place.

Average cost of speeding tickets

The average penalty for overspeeding in America is 150 dollars (this amount includes court fees). In the state of Texas, a person caught overspeeding of 15 miles per hour above the limit will be charged with fees of not more than 250 dollars and those caught overspeeding for 30 miles per hour above the limit will have to pay a fine of 300 dollars or more.

Is there a way to dismiss the violation?

An overspeeding violation may be dismissed if the violator opts to pay for an additional cost, which would allow the violator to enter a defensive driving school or other types of traffic school. Looking for a way to dismiss the ticket is very practical since it will allow you to avoid an overspeeding conviction (meaning that it will not appear on your driving record). A bad driving record could result in an increase of your insurance premium for hundreds of dollars each year.

Drivers with a speeding ticket in their driving record are said to have a crash rate that is 50 percent higher than those who have not been issued a speeding ticket.

Revenue from speeding tickets

Mr. Ticket, a traffic violation lawyer in California, observed that one in every six Americans is tendered a speeding ticket each year. This translates to 41 million speeding tickets issued per year and about 100,000 speeding tickets each day. This makes the ticketing system for a speeding violation makes it one of the must lucrative money generating venture of the state and local government while keeping the roads safe for transport.

Most expensive speeding ticket penalty

The states of Georgia, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina and Illinois are considered the states with the most expensive speeding tickets even in the violator’s first offense. Drivers liable for the speeding ticket face a fine of 1000 dollars for the first offense. But the final fine amount would be decided by the judge based on the miles per hour the driver is over the speed limit. The fine may be doubled if you are caught speeding in a work or school zone while a year in jail would be a possible additional penalty.

Finland’s speeding ticket rules are quite similar with the US. A millionaire in Finland got a $60,000 speeding ticket.

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