How to Beat Speeding Ticket in California

Information you should keep in mind on how to beat speeding ticket in California are simple enough for you to remember.

Don’t say anything specific to the apprehending officer

It is important to just say non specific and vague responses such as “I was driving safe and at a right speed” or simply say “I was driving safely” when apprehended by a traffic officer. Never say any specific data such as only going over 3 mph over the speeding limit or telling the officer that you are rushing to a hospital or home due to an emergency.

Pull over the right way

A place to pull over is also critical. It is advisable that you pull over in area where the officer will be uncomfortable. Try to park in such a way that officer will talk to you from the passenger side of vehicle or side where speeding vehicles pass to make the officer uneasy. In this way, the speeding officer would find it risky to write a speeding ticket.

Companies can help you beat speeding tickets

How do you beat speeding ticket in California? Companies in the Internet can help you fight your California speeding ticket. This is essential especially for people who drive as a living. Your employer may fire you if he or she finds out that you have accumulated many points in your DMV.

You are advised to send an informal discovery request to the police district with a copy furnished to the district attorney to delay proceedings until you have hired the services of companies in the Internet that will help you fight the speeding ticket or an attorney to fight your ticket.

County seat and not court venue

After being pulled over by a cop, you may request the cop to change the court venue to a county seat and write the words “county seat please” in bold letters right next to your signature. you can also visit the court venue and ensure that the venue changed to a county seat then set up the arraignment date. Ten days before the arraignment, you can contact the court and request a Trial by Written Declaration. The reason for this is that there is chance that the apprehending officer fails to mail a response. If this happens, the judge can dismiss your case once you have submitted your response by which you are not admitting guilt.

“Not Guilty” plea

Make sure to show up in your arraignment date as specified in your courtesy notice. Plead not guilty and also make sure trial date is set after changing venue to county seat. Just in case you lost the case, you can request for a Trial de Novo within 20 days after you lost so as to get a second chance. Then you can request for a continuance so that your court date may be scheduled near a holiday by which there might be a good chance that the apprehending officer may not attend hearing.

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